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This table can be constructed with a wooden top, marble or granite. It is the perfect desk for along a wall. The curved lamination is made first so the placement of the lower stretcher can be fine tuned on how the lamination comes out. This way you do not have to laminate to an exact dimension.

Size: 30" high by 46" long by 20" deep

Skill level - Beginner

Plan # 202 Price $17.95

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Kamarere, Sucupira, Chontaquiro, Bayo, Chakte Koc,and madrone make this handsome wine cabinet.John assembled this piece with woods from around the world that were grown from certified responsibly managed forests.  The piece stores 21 bottles of wine and can be made with domestic hardwoods.

Size: 32" high by 31" wide and 19" deep.

Skill level- Intermediate

Plan # 201 Price $19.95

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